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How much do our sunglasses weigh?

Lets find out. I've had a few people ask me how much our sunglasses weigh.  Being part or all wood & bamboo they are actually lighter than standard metal and plastic sunglasses. All of the glasses weighed today were compared to Rayban Wayfarers and measured on a Dymo Digital Postal Scale. Make sure the scale is at 0.0 The Rayban Wayfarers weigh in at 1.3oz. Our Duncan rosewood sunglasses weigh in at 0.8oz. Our Bryson bamboo arm sunglasses weigh in at 0.9oz. Our Frisco bamboo & wood arm sunglasses weigh in at 1.0oz. Summary All our of current models are lighter than classic Wayfarers by Rayban. The biggest difference was 0.5oz. To give you an idea of how much that is,...

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