Why You Should Choose Bamboo and Other Wood Based Sunglasses

For years the market has been stocked with the same old sunglasses, which offer some aesthetic variety of plastic frames, but not much else. That is why designers have taken to bamboo and other woods as top choice material for modern sunglasses. Fashionably, there is no question that the unique variety of wood grain looks great on a frame, but many wearers are leaning toward these new shades for other reasons. As the market is overflowing with cheaply manufactured oil based products, bamboo and other wood based sunglasses offer the opportunity to be a conscious consumer. Besides looking and feeling great, these natural materials just happen to work better as lightweight, practical frames too.


Bamboo is a highly sustainable wood and is growing in popularity for that reason. Many types of bamboo will grow to full size in months and can then be sustainably harvested. At the same time, you’re making the educated decision not to invest in another plastic based product that is destroying the environment. Bamboo is minimally processed and does not require the addition of chemicals to make it into a workable material. It works naturally! This makes it an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Sturdiness and Flexibility:

Aside from sustainability in product design, bamboo and other wood based sunglasses tend to last longer, making them a smarter choice for you too! The inherent flexibility of bamboo makes them fit more naturally on your face and the sturdiness of wood is much harder to break. It’s like buying a pair of shoes from the 1950’s so that your grandfather can say, “They don’t make them like this anymore!” Fortunately, in this case, they do, if you go with the right materials.


Ever feel like your sunglasses are weighing too heavy on the bridge of your nose? If so, it’s likely because they are! Heavy frames are extremely uncomfortable on this sensitive part of your face and no one wants to take off their glasses to show a red ridge where their sunglasses used to be. Herein lies the design inspiration behind bamboo frames. Bamboo is an extremely lightweight wood because of its porous nature. It is so porous, in fact, that it can float in the water! Try losing these sunglasses in the ocean!


It’s no surprise that in recent years bamboo and other wood based sunglasses have become extremely fashionable. Each cut of wood is one hundred percent unique meaning your sunglasses are one of a kind! You will never see anyone wearing that same pair of sunglasses. In addition, wood based sunglasses tend to be more carefully manufactured. Cutting wood is an art incomparable to molding millions of plastic frames at once. The hue and grain of wood varies widely with each cut, running in dark earthy browns, sandy tans and cherry reds. The earthy tones and textures contrast beautifully with the skin.

If eyes are the windows to the soul, you’d better invest in a great pair of shades; Your choice of sunglasses can say a lot more about you than you think! When you go with bamboo and other wood based sunglasses, you come off as more unique and earthy. Meanwhile, you’re making a smarter decision for the environment and your pocket. Check out the endless variety of wood tones and natural designs; I’m sure you’ll find the one that was meant for you!